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Mystic India


Embark on a mystical journey for a culinary experience that will satisfy the deepest desires of your palate . As you sit in an ambiance of India’s rich heritage, you are served Authentic Indian Cuisine, which can only be compared to ‘Ambrosia’ the food of the gods. Tempt your palate with the most exotic delicacies, prepared from the finest ingredients and selected with the utmost care and passion.

Rich and diverse, the Indian Cuisine demands perfect understanding of spices and their melange for each delicacy. Centuries ago all food preparations were ceremoniously undertaken and elaborately made, each recipe having its own distinctive flavor and method of cooking. Today we continue to keep these traditions sacred, to maintain the essential spirit and methodology which goes into the preparation of our food. At Mystic India, we not only believe in fulfilling the desire of taste, but of the soul and mind. It is our hope that you leave us feeling satisfied and with a desire to keep coming back.

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